Martes 13 de Abril, 2004


Una filosofía que comparto:

Design constructs a visual language for the purpose of communication. It organizes and gives form to a message in a way that adds value and meaning. It functions to organize, clarify, persuade, and add drama to an otherwise overlooked idea.

Design plays a primary role in the interpretation of a message. It creates the crucial persistent impression. It encourages examination and generates interest. Accessible, understandable information and beauty of form can engage observers and arrest their attention.

A confusing, poorly designed message will miss its target almost every time. In a world where information flows abundantly, our minds have developed filters to sift through the overflow of useless data. While design must appeal to the aesthetic, it must not stand in the way of delivery, cause complications, or introduce stumbling blocks. Rather, the presence of design should simplify and facilitate our everyday life, enable us to accomplish our tasks more effectively, and remind us to enjoy them along the way.”

Douglas Bowman,

Creo (también) que la presencia del diseño debería simplificar y facilitar nuestra vida diaria.

“Cualquiera puede convertir lo simple en complicado.
La creatividad es convertir lo complicado en simple.”

Charles Mingus

Definición que da la Real Academia Española...


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